Discover the Snowy Scheme

20 1105 theatre
The immersive theatre at the Discovery Centre, Cooma.

BEING such an integral part of Australian engineering folklore, the mighty Snowy Scheme is still loved to this day with thousands annually visiting to learn more of its rich history.

Now with the Snowy 2.0 project once again bringing the scheme into the spotlight, you too should brush up on this magnificent Snowy Mountains story.

The Discovery Centre in Cooma has acquired new displays including the highly impressive scale model tunnel boring machine (TBM). Three such TBMs will excavate over 40km’s of tunnel in the coming years, and to see the individual detail within the model and understand the finer points of how the machine works is enlightening.
A visit to the centre this summer will reward you with a wealth of Snow Scheme memorabilia including iconic photos from the 25 years of building the scheme.

One of the highlights, besides awesome coffee and lunch, is the immersive theatre. Here you can watch the inspiring short screening and instantly have a snapshot of this masterpiece. The narrated video thrusts you deep into the scheme and its vast complex of tunnels and dams spread across the entire mountain range.

The Discovery Centre is just the launchpad for your snowy summer of exploration. Once you have witnessed the theatre display and gauged more of an understanding of the enormity of the scheme, you can hit the road with your new found knowledge and investigate in detail via the full width of the Kosciuszko National Park.

A scale detailed model of the Tunnel Boring Machine at Cooma’s Discovery Centre. PHOTOS: Steve Cuff

The Snowy Scheme touches every town of the region in some way, from people who worked on the scheme, the legacy towns of Talbingo, Cabramurra and Khancoban, to all the wonderful dams and waterways, many of which you can swim. Make a true day of it to any location with the drive alone showing of the magnificent high-country scenery. An extended picnic lunch is a just reward.

To help on your travels, view the map on page 38 or visit any of the region visitor centres for more travel information.
Snowy Hydro has launched a new digital pop-up book showcasing the Snowy 2.0 renewable energy project for a younger generation.
Bringing to life the engineering and purpose of Snowy 2.0 in a lively and interactive way, the pop-up book is designed to engage and inform young people.

To experience the Snowy 2.0 digital pop-up book visit

A video is on display at Cooma and Talbingo of how the Tunnel Boring Machine works.