Great news for everyone thinking about summer, we have just published our latest 2020-21 Summer Holiday Digital Edition.

The edition is full of great information about the summer ahead and all the wonderful activities and exploring you can do and see.
Plus over the coming weeks we will continue to upload more stories to the website so you have endless choices.

If you have never visited the Snowy Mountains in summer you are missing out. There is a lot to see and do and everyone will welcome you with open arms. The region has done it pretty tough since the start of 2020, so if you are thinking of a regional holiday this summer, we think this is the best place.

Hiking, swimming, mt biking, sightseeing, history, climb Mt Kosciuszko, take scenic drives, great picnic locations, camping, fishing, just to name a few.

We hope you like this edition. Read it here online.

Printed edition will be distributed across the region over the coming days,