SAP Investment in the Snowy Mountains

20 0726 SAP Jindabyne Town Centre
The town of Jindabyne which could see huge infrastructure investment courtesy of the SAP. Photo Dave Birss.

THE town of Jindabyne and the resorts within Kosciuszko National Park have a once in a lifetime opportunity for major investment by the NSW State Government.
The Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct (SAP) is an extension of the Go Jindabyne Master Plan which was announced in 2018 to revitalise Jindabyne into Australia’s premier alpine destination.
The Snowy Mountains region could see investment upwards of $700-800 million.

The Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct was announced in November 2019, to expand the scope of the Go Jindabyne Master Plan to encompass the wider Snowy Mountains region. The investigation into the SAP will continue to focus on Jindabyne’s transformation into Australia’s Alpine Capital, but will now also include the high-visitation areas within the  Kosciuszko National Park as well as the key transport corridors between Jindabyne and the alpine resorts.

The objective of the Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct is to increase year round tourism by making the region an unmissable place to visit during any season.

The funds to transform the area will be via the $4.2 billion Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in major and trans formative infrastructure across regional NSW.

Lake Jindabyne and the foreshore is totally under utilised. PHOTOS: Steve Cuff.

Benefits offered by a Special Activation Precinct include streamlined planning, government-led development, and a business concierge service that will make it easier for new businesses to set up in the region and for existing organisations to thrive.

The Special Activation Precinct will build upon the work already undertaken as part of the Go Jindabyne Master Plan to identify opportunities to:
• promote the development of year-round adventure and eco-tourism attractions and improve tourism amenity within the region,
• improve access within and to the region, to support increased visitation numbers,
• remove capacity constraints to enable growth in winter tourism, and
• grow the region into Australia’s national training base for high performance alpine athletes and para-athletes.

Thredbo have invested heavily into their summer tourism product, including gravity mountain bike trails via the chairlift.

Your Input Needed
If you are a resident or visitor, please offer your constructive input into this survey. Consider how you would like to improve the following, from facilities, town infrastructure, the resort areas where you visit, housing, school location.

Look at the 10 year and 20 year view, not just tomorrow.

What could Jindabyne and the resorts look like with massive input of funds.
Could roads be improved and how? Will Jindabyne benefit from a bypass? Do the resorts need better infrastructure, and what? What could be improved on the Lake Jindabyne foreshore?

Please don’t offer one word answers, think creatively and offer input that the planning department can look at and say, yes that is very good information, we could consider that.
It is not a platform to have a rant, keep that to social media.

What’s happening now?
The NSW Department of Planning have created a draft vision for the future of the Snowy Mountains. The vision will help guide the creation of the Snowy Mountains Master Plan.

You can have your say on the draft vision until 14 August 2020.

Spend time looking at the details on these links.
Comment on the Vision and Take the Survey by clicking on the survey link.

Special Activation Precinct Survey and Information

Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct fact sheet

Perisher Valley needs more beds and infrastructure. Currently NPWS and Vail Resorts (Perisher Resort) are in negotiations over a head lease.

Jindabyne is a growing summer holiday location with the lake a great attraction.

Mountain Biking on the Thredbo Valley Track has been a draw card for summer tourism.