Thredbo Detailed Lift Pricing

20 0605 season pass threbo
Thredbo have released their 2020 season discounts for season pass holders. Photo: Thredbo

This afternoon Thredbo have emailed their season pass database to advise of discounted pricing for lift tickets depending on quantity purchased.

This year, due to social distancing restrictions there is a daily limit on how many guests can be on the mountain.
Thredbo have reduced their on mountain daily number capacity by 50%.

You must pre purchase your lift ticket before you arrive, and before you secure accommodation.

The Australian snow resorts collectively had to show to the Health Departments they could operate with social distancing by reducing daily capacity on the mountain. The Thredbo season pass had recently been cancelled due these capacity restrictions relating to COVID-19.

While some people are disappointing at this decision by Thredbo, the alternative could have been NO Snow Season at all.

The majority of season pass holders normally access the best early bird deals in September the previous winter for the best rate possible. The early bird winter base pass started at $829.00 and increased in increments to its final full price at $1399.00 for those who miss out on the early bird deals.

Who is eligible for discount?
All guests who had pre-purchased 2020 Season Passes (Thredbo 365, Winter Premium or WInter Base Pass), whether paid in part or in full.

Non season pass holders will pay standard day rate with no multi day discounts available this season.

Thredbo have also changed the time for when lit ticket purchases will open.

All lift passes will need to be pre-purchased online, prior to arrival.
Lift passes go on sale at 12noon, Thursday 11 June 2020.

The chart below shows the different time periods and price structure.
The more days you purchase the more discount you receive ranging from 40-75% off the 1 Day Lift Pass price.

There is one small hiccup when first purchasing, that you can only purchase 10 tickets in the first instnace.

To gain access to the different level of discounts, you need to have purchased the number of passes required. Upon completion of the “first” purchase, you will need to log out and log back in to the Thredbo Online Shop to assign the higher level discount to your profile.

For example, to gain access to Silver level discounts, you must purchase 10 lift passes on your MyThredbo profile, before purchasing the next 5 lift passes.

This means log in and purchase 10 tickets, log out, and then re log in again to continue with more. This is just the way the software is structured.

Do I need to buy all my passes at once to access the higher level discounts?
No, you don’t need to purchase all in one go.
Your MyThredbo Profile will recognise the number of days you have purchased across the season and will unlock the higher level discounts.
Please note, for the system to recognise you have entered the next level however, you will need to log in and log out.


There are other frequently asked questions on the Thredbo website, plus all age categories in link below.

Visit Thredbo Website Ticket Information.