Update Kosciuszko National Park

20 0119 Tvt bridge
The popular Thredbo Valley Track (TVT) is open and will be popular for Australia Day long weekend.

By Steve Cuff

The Snowy Mountains are all set for the upcoming Australia Day long weekend with the NSW Rural Fire Service this afternoon releasing an update allowing more areas of Kosciuszko National Park to open.

Guests to the region now have access to many of their favourite areas within lower elevations, while some areas still remain closed at this stage including the hike to Mt Kosciuszko and Main Range Track areas.

Thredbo Resort re-opened last week and have hosted the Thredbo Blues Festival this weekend. All Thredbo resort areas are open.

Guests can access trails within the Thredbo Valley including the Thredbo Valley Track (TVT). The camping grounds of Ngarigo and Thredbo Diggings are open.

Lake Crackenback Resort have all their resort facilities open and Jindabyne awaits their usual busy long weekend crowd.

In recent days the weather has delivered some rain,  smoke haze is still evident but not noticeable to smell, depending on your area, and areas have been given the all clear to return by the NSW RFS.

Much of the Snowy Monaro area has NOT been affected by actual fire, although tourists were asked to leave. Businesses across the region have been impacted in their busy summer period and are now looking to return to normality, creating a Shake Hands with the Snowies theme to welcome back visitors.

The Kosciuszko Road will re-open to Perisher and Charlotte Pass, with all lower elevation hiking tails within this corridor opening plus the Mt Stillwell trail at Charlotte Pass.

The NSW RFS said this afternoon.
“A staged approach will be implemented to progressively open more areas within Kosciuszko National Park.”

A visual reward awaits on the hike to Rainbow Lake. Photos: Steve Cuff.


Areas Open Now

·         Kosciuszko Road – Jindabyne to Charlotte Pass

·         Charlotte Pass, Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Diggers Creek, Wilsons Valley, Sawpit Creek, Waste Point – visitors need to check whether resort facilities, and hospitality venues are open for business

·         Alpine Way between Jindabyne and Thredbo Village

·         Thredbo Village and Thredbo resort lease area

·         Ngarigo campground and Thredbo Diggings campground – for day use and overnight camping

Tracks / trails now open – for day use only:

–  Thredbo Valley Track – Thredbo Village to Gaden Trout Hatchery including Bullocks Walk and Muzzlewood

–  Mt Stillwell Walk – Charlotte Pass to Mt Stillwell

–   Porcupine Walk – Perisher to Mt Porcupine

–  Rainbow Lake Walk – Kosciuszko Road to Rainbow Lake

–   Rennix Walk – Kosciuszko Road return

–  Waterfall Walk – from Sawpit Creek

–  Pallaibo Walk – from Thredbo River Picnic Area and Sawpit Creek

–   Various tracks and trails located within the Thredbo resort lease area

Snowy Mountains Highway – visitors must stay within the road corridor and be aware of hazards such as damaged buildings and burnt trees.
Visitors need to stay on the tracks. The backcountry areas surrounding the tracks are closed due to the bushfire risk. No backcountry camping is permitted. Tracks and areas may close at short notice due to changing bushfire conditions.

Areas Still Closed

·         All backcountry areas in Kosciuszko National Park except for the tracks and trails listed as open for day use only

·         Kosciuszko Walk – Thredbo to Mt Kosciuszko

·         Summit Trail – Charlotte Pass to Mt Kosciuszko

·         Main Range Walk – Charlotte Pass to Kosciuszko (both via Blue Lake or via Rawson Pass)

·         Illawong Walk – Guthega to Illawong Hut

·         Guthega Road and Guthega Village (access permitted for lodge managers, employees and contractors)

·         Link Road from Smiggin Holes to Guthega Road

·         All areas accessed via Guthega Road including Island Bend and Schlink Pass Road

·         Yarrangobilly Caves and all other areas in northern Kosciuszko National Park

·         Dead Horse Gap Walk, River Walk and Cascade Hut Trail

·         Alpine Way from Thredbo to the Victorian border

·         All areas not listed as open

For further information on park closures contact the Snowy Region Visitor Centre on 02 6450 5600 or the Tumut Visitor Centre on 02 6947 7025.

To book any holiday contact your prefer accommodation house or booking agent and #shakehandswiththesnowies.

Here is just a small sample of many of the activities you can do this long weekend.

Ride the chair or hike at Thredbo.

Mountain biking on the Hatchery Bay trail in Jindabyne.

Catch a fish in the rivers or lake. Photo of Murray from High Country Outfitters with a prize fish.

Drive the Jindabyne, Berridale, Dalgety loop and over the historic Dalgety Bridge over the Snowy River.

Great long weekend drive options for lunch. Pictured here Tuscany at Dalgety.

Water sports on Lake Jindabyne including canoe, paddle board, kayak and sailing boat hire from Sacred Ride.

Canoeing at Lake Crackenback Resort.

A good old fashioned welcome at Wildbrumby Distillery