January 14 Bushfire Update

20 0114 Fire Crew
Local crew working in the Good Good fire area. Photo Brendan Neville / www.bighorsepics.com.au




By Steve Cuff

Fire has eased in some areas and still a constant threat in others.
Do not be complacent if fire is near your area.
There is good news this week that rain may fall across the entire region. We hope that can put a serious dent into this beast of a fire. From Wednesday showers will start and the weekend looks good for decent rain.

Yesterday afternoon the Tourist Leave Zone was LIFTED in Snowy Monaro towns. Thredbo Resort (precinct only) is open.
Kosciuszko National Park still remains closed.
Some road changes, see Live Traffic

The Cooma Evacuation Centre has closed and in its place a Disaster Welfare Assistance Point has opened.
The Disaster Welfare Assistance Point has opened at the Cooma Multi-Function Centre and will be opened from 9am-5pm each day.
If you have been impacted by the fires and have immediate needs such as shelter, food or water, please visit and register for assistance.
If you are unable to get to the Disaster Welfare Assistance Point please call the Disaster Welfare Assistance Line on 1800 018 444.

Weatherzone rainfall for Wednesday, click to see synoptic charts for this week.

Snowy Valleys

Still fire activity south of Tumbarumba near Mt Garland as crews continue to conduct tactical back burning as the fire comes down the hill to the Control line.
Fire activity is also on the NW side of the Ellerslie Nature reserve but within the containment lines.

The eastern edge of the fire is still active in the Koscuiszko NP and residents in the Goobarragandra and Brindabella areas should continue to monitor the fire situation.

Dunns Road
338,914 hectares out of control

Large fires are burning in an area between Adaminaby and Woomargama. The fire continues to burn in the area south of the Hume Highway in the areas of Mount Adrah, Tumblong, Grahamstown and Adelong. People in the area of Gundagai and Goobarraganda should be alert to smoke and embers. Goobragandra Valley and Brindebella areas, monitor conditions. The fire is burning towards the areas of Ournie, Mannus and Tumbarumba, monitor conditions.
Talbingo, Wondalga, Kunama, Batlow and surrounding areas, fire has passed through this area.

Green Valley, Talmalmo
208,000 hectares and is being controlled.

Telecommunication outages in the area may result in the inability to contact Triple Zero, receive emergency alert telephone messages or access the internet.
The fire is burning in the Jingellic area in the Woomargama National Park, Woomargama State Forest, Woomargama State Conservation area and the Jingellic Nature Reserve.

More favourable weather conditions is allowing firefighters, supported by water bombing aircraft and heavy plant machinery, to continue to identify, establish and strengthen containment lines. This may include backburns as conditions allow.

Upper Wantagong, Lankeys Creek and Munderoo Areas. The fire continues to burn in the Upper Wantagong, Lankeys Creek and Munderoo areas.
Fire activity and smoke is expected to increase in this area over coming days. Monitor the conditions.

The areas between Jingellic and Welaregang. The fire is burning south of River Road, upstream of Jingellic in Victoria. The fire is burning south of River Road, upstream of Jingellic in Victoria. The fire is burning in the area of south of the Murray River. Monitor conditions.

Snowy Monaro

Pilot Lookout

3,613 hectares out of control.

South west of Thredbo – Conditions have eased but fires still burning in remote area. If you are in the areas of Thredbo Village, Little Thredbo, Bullocks Flat, Crackenback and surrounds, there is a reduced threat.

Adaminaby Complex
85,000 hectares in size. It adjoins the Dunns Road fire to the west. Still Out of Control.

Fire activity has eased with cooler temperatures. Active fire still exists across many parts of the fireground and is not contained. Firefighters are undertaking back burning operations when conditions allow. This may increase smoke across the fireground.

If you are in the areas of Shannons Flat and Yaouk, Adaminaby, Providence Portal, Anglers Reach, Old Adaminaby, Rocky Plain, Eucumbene Cove and surrounding areas – Monitor conditions.

Good Good Fire 
36,000 hectares out of control

This fire is adjoined to the Badja Forest Road fire to the east. The fire crossed Peak View Road, to the north east of Numeralla. Fire activity is starting to decrease on the south western edge of the fire. The fire is producing a lot of smoke making local conditions difficult. If you are in the area of Numeralla, Peak View, Jerangle, Countegany and Badja, monitor conditions

23,000 hectares – out of control.

Crews are implementing backburning operations where conditions allow.

A bushfire is burning in the Bombala, Rockton, Mila and Paddys Flat areas. This fire is adjoined to the Border Fire in NSW to the east and is part of a larger fire burning in Victoria. If you are the areas of Bombala, Rockton and Mila, monitor conditions.

Snowy Complex Fire (formerly W-Tree)

No immediate level of danger for the Delegate community, but fires are burning 25km south, south west of Delegate in Victoria.

A statement today from NSW Rural Fire Service

Empty Esky
I want you to do just one simple thing. When these fires have stopped, and the towns impacted are safe and trying to regain some sense of ‘normal’, I want you to plan a road trip.
Go with empty eskies, empty cars and low fuel. Go, spend your money, stay in their hotels, buy from their shops, camp at their camp grounds, but their gifts, but their fuel, buy bread and milk.
Beyond rebuilding, they need continued and long term support to get back on their feet and your empty esky makes more of a difference than you could ever imagine.