January 11 Bushfire Update

20 0111 Numeralla
A pyro cumulonimbus cloud over Numeralla today. Photo Paul McIver.



By Steve Cuff


The wider region continues to suffer from fire threat. Depending on where you live, you must pay attention to the existing threat.
Fire levels and alerts have and will change constantly, please be diligent to your area.

Fires have merged across the region, keep abreast of updated news in the coming days.

Snowy Monaro

Adaminaby Complex Fire now includes the former Doubful Gap Fire.

Adaminaby / Lake Eucumbene Area

There is an increase in activity on this fire.

The town of Adaminaby, Snowy Plains, Eucumbene Cove, Braemar Bay, Nimmo, Nimmo Camp, Yaouk in the north and Lake Eucumbene in the south including  Shannons Flat or Bugtown, Old Adaminaby and Anglers Reach and surrounding areas should monitor conditions.

Rockton Fire – Bombala – Delegate Surrounds

This fire his now at Watch and Act and fire activity is increasing in the Nalbaugh State Forest area.

Residents should still monitor conditions in Bombala including Mila Road, Monaro Highway, Rosemeath Road, Link Road and Rosedale Road. This fire has crossed Imlay Road and is burning both east and west of the Monaro Highway including in Bondi State Forest.

Good Good Fire – Watch and Act

A fire is burning in the Peak View area, north of Bredbo River and north of Numerella.
Fire activity has increased in the area. If you are in the area of Peak View, Jerangle, Jerangle Village, Numeralla, Countegany and surrounds monitor conditions.

There has been increased fire activity in the area of the Undoo Trail with a number of properties under threat. Fire crews are on scene for property protection.

Pilot Lookout – Reduced Threat

This fire is still burning west of Thredbo. Heavy work the past few days with water bombing and air support to contain. If you are in the areas of Thredbo Village, Little Thredbo, Bullocks Flat, Crackenback and surrounds, there is a reduced threat. Monitor conditions.

Snowy Valleys

All fires have now merged, Dunns Road, East Ournie Creek and Green Valley / Talmalmo, joining up near the Tooma area south of Tumbarumba. This fire is now connected with the Adaminaby Complex fire. Do not become complacent if you are near these fires.

Green Valley, Talmalmo Fire

Telecommunication outages in the area may result in the inability to contact Triple Zero, receive emergency alert telephone messages or access the internet.

Fire is burning to the east and north of Jingellic. Strong winds have eased across the fireground. The areas between Jingellic and Welaregang, the fire is burning in the vicinity of River Road. If you are in this area, enact your bush fire survival plan.

Lankeys Creek – The fire is impacting on the area around Lankeys Creek. If you are in this area, enact your bush fire survival plan. Kosciuszko National Park (west), Tintaldra, Greg Greg, Towong, Bringenbrong, Khancoban, Geehi, Tom Groggin and other remote areas. Monitor the conditions.

For people in the Corryong area.
A Community Meeting will be held to provide an update of the current fire situation at the Corryong College, 27-45 Towong Street, Corryong at 3.00pm Sunday 12 January 2020.

These fires combined exceed 600,000 hectares in area. The Dunns Road Fire is 331,284 hectares and has a burn perimeter of 760 kms.

Dunns Road – Watch and Act

This is a huge fire area burning on many fronts and conditions have eased. Remain vigilant as fire activity is likely to increase throughout the day.

Mount Adrah, Tumblong and Adelong areas – The fire continues to burn in the area south of the Hume Highway in the areas of Mount Adrah, Tumblong, Grahamstown and Adelong. If you are in this area, monitor conditions.

Ournie, Mannus and Tumbarumba areas – The fire is burning towards the areas of Ournie, Mannus and Tumbarumba. If you are in this area, monitor conditions.

Goobragandra Valley and Brindebella areas monitor condition. People in the area of Gundagai and Goobarraganda should be alert to smoke and embers.

A new fire to the East of Talbingo, Atkinsons is part of the Dunns Road Fire is at Advice Level.

Talbingo, Wondalga, Kunama, Batlow and surrounding areas, fire has passed through this area. There are may still be active fire and unburnt areas.
Monitor conditions. Know what you will do if the fire threatens. Be alert for falling trees and branches. Be alert for hazards around burnt properties. Do not enter until advised that it is safe to do so.