Jan 9 Bushfire Update

20 0109 Adaminaby truck fire
Adaminaby Fire Crews attending to fire. Photo Brendan Neville / bighorsepics.com.au

9.20pm update




You can monitor all the main websites via Emergency Contacts Page.

Outlook for Friday 10 January

Friday will see Extreme fire danger in the Southern Slopes, Severe fire danger in Monaro Alpine, Southern Ranges and Eastern Riverina and widespread Very High fire danger across the state.
From midnight tonight there will be 10 Total Fire Bans in place across the state.

Snowy Monaro

We are still in a Tourist Leave Zone.

View Monaro Rural Fire Service for more detail on each area.

This afternoon two NSW Rural Fire Service meetings were held, at Adaminaby and Bombala. These two areas have immediate threat plus winds increase and hotter weather arrives on Friday.

Spot fires could occur ahead of the fire fronts.

Friday will have a heightened FDI Fire danger index of Very High as a minimum and could increase overnight.
Fire activity will escalate. There is existing fire burning within several fire areas.
We are expecting 33 degrees and N to NW winds to 45kmh then shifting SW 25-35knh in the evening.
Please monitor your weather forecasts continually.

You will see smoke. Don’t call triple 0 to report smoke. Only report fire.

The following fires are still listed as out of control: (no change from yesterday)
Doubtful Gap FT, Adaminaby Complex, East Ournie Creek, Dunns Road.
Gheehi, Pilot, Tin Mines, Nine Mile Complex

The Doubtful Gap FT, Adaminaby complex and Dunns Road fires have all merged.
Authorities are closely monitoring the Doubtful Gap FT fire and the Adaminaby Complex fire. There are still active edges.

These fires have immediate threat to Adaminaby, Anglers Reach, Providence Portal, Shannons Flat, Old Adaminaby and surrounding areas.

These fires have been burning for 7-14 days and have not been able to be contained. They are burning in the Kosciuszko National Park and burning east on a large front. Properties in these areas are likely to come under direct threat.

All residents need to be aware of this. As stated at the Adaminaby meeting, this fire season has been unpredictable and it will not be the same circumstances/behaviour as last Saturday.

Lake Eucumbene, Rocky Plain and surrounds, properties may come under direct attack.

Bredbo – Properties west of Bredbo may come under direct attack.


The NSW Rural Fire Service will hold a community meeting tomorrow (Friday, 10th January 2020) for the Bredbo community to inform you about the potential fire situation for that area.
The meeting will be attended by members of the Bredbo NSW Rural Fire Service.
It will be held at the following location and time:

Location: Bredbo Hall, Bredbo
Time: 9am tomorrow (Friday, 10th January 2020)
At this stage, this meeting will NOT be live streamed.

Good Good Fire
Peak View, Numeralla, Jerangle, Countegany and surrounds may come under direct attack.

Projected fire spread for Friday 10 January.
This map display the potential predicted fire spread and the communities that may come under threat from embers or fire fronts. Other surrounding areas may still come under threat if conditions change, or if fires breach containment lines.

Snowy Mountains area predicted fire spread.


The town of Bombala and surrounding areas are under threat from the Rockton fire of more than 35,000 hectares in size which is out of control.

This fire is at Advice Level this afternoon, but please watch for alert changes in the coming days.
This fire is part of a larger fire burning in Victoria.
It has crossed the Victorian border at multiple points into New South Wales.
The fire is burning through bushland and pine forest in a predominantly north westerly direction.
Crews will use easing conditions to conduct backburning operations where conditions allow.

If you are the areas of Bombala including Mila Road, Monaro Highway, Rosemeath Road, Link Road and Rosedale Road, monitor conditions.
Know what you will do if fire threatens.

At the Bombala meeting residents were notified there is not an evacuation centre at Bombala this week, only Cooma.

Do not run hoses or sprinklers prior to the danger, save water for if/when any fire or ember attack may occur.
With hot temperatures the ground will dry very quickly.
Save the water for when the embers arrive / if they do.

Bombala Showground is again available for use for small animals and horses only on a self-managed basis. For small animals, please take your own enclosures. The hall will be open. However, there will be no services provided.

If you intend to evacuate the Bombala, Delgate and surrounds and need its services, the Cooma Evacuation Centre at the Cooma Multi-Function Centre at the Cooma Showground.


Jindabyne and Berridale

You should have your fire plan in place for possible ember attack, depending on wind direction and how the The Doubtful Gap FT, Adaminaby Complex fires react. These fires are the main concern this weekend for these towns.


Do not run hoses or sprinklers prior to the danger.

Block down pipes and fill your gutters, but do not waste water hosing or using sprinklers just to dampen your ground.
With hot temperatures the ground will dry very quickly.
Save the water for when the embers arrive / if they do.

You must remain diligent. Talk with your neighbours, work as a team.

Check LIVE TRAFFIC as there are numerous roads closed across the region.


Kosciuszko National Park Remains Closed
Thredbo Resort Remains Closed – except for residents and select staff.

Note: There will be announcements made on Kosciuszko National Park within the coming days, or early next week.
Please refer to the NPWS website


Fires near Thredbo.

West of Thredbo and mountain area. The Geehi and Pilot Lookout fires have remained relatively quiet. The Geehi fire has not grown since last Saturday. These two fires will be targeted today intensively by aircraft. The Snowy Creek and Pilot Lookout fires have NOT merged.
Air crew have been accessing water at Thredbo for water bombing.

Three Strike Teams (3 x 4 fire trucks and a Duty Commander) from Fire and Rescue NSW will be around to help protect the irreplaceable in our area.
With so many fires all over the state, there is massive logistics involved in getting fire appliances and firefighters around to so many areas, and we are thankful to have crews here to help.

The RFS Rural Fire Service has two out of area strike teams available, staged in Cooma.

Jindabyne airbase is operational. Requests have been made for the LAT large air tankers to put in retardant lines around the Pilot, Geehi fires. They will also do drops on critical infrastructure such as Communication Towers and power stations. You may hear some very loud aircraft today all doing an awesome job.


Fire crews are stationed at Perisher and Thredbo. Photo Fire and Rescue NSW Station 429 Quirindi

Cooma Evacuation Centre
Snowy Monaro residents are advised that the Cooma Evacuation Centre is re-opening from 4pm today (Thursday, 9th January 2020).

This is the only evacuation centre. Bombala will NOT have a evacuation centre as it is under threat/impact.

The Cooma Evacuation Centre is located at the Cooma Multi-Function Centre at the Cooma Showground.

Animals can be accommodated under self-managed arrangements. Small animals and horses can be brought to the Showground. Please bring your own carriers or cages for your smaller animals. Livestock should be taken to the Cooma Saleyards.


The current fire map as of Thursday afternoon. Photo NSW RFS

Adaminaby has existing fires, be alert and prepared. Photo Adaminaby RFS

Adaminaby crews on the job, photo Brendan Neville bighorsepics.com.au