By Steve Cuff

No huge change since yesterday but please EVERYONE should remain very diligent.
All areas are still very smokey.
We will have more detailed information tomorrow afternoon on what Friday and Saturday could expect to be like.

For an easy source for all key websites, please go to our Emergency Page.
You will have everything there you need to see.
If you want to know more yourself and be a bit more informed, just peruse through the the Major Updates and Fires Near Me for a closer look.

There are fires burning on all fronts still across the entire region. They have not just suddenly gone out.
While they be at Advice Level only, if the weather changes they will flare up again.

On the Vic Emergency website you can see some smaller fires have started south of the Tom Groggin area. They are small on the map but they are there.

BERRIDALE residents
If you have not heard there is a meeting at 4pm Thursday afternoon at the Community Hall.

Continue to Prepare

Here are some great tips by the local Fire and Rescue NSW 338 Jindabyne

For Snowy Monaro residents, all tip fees for domestic and green waste is free until Monday afternoon.
Please continue to tidy your property as most of you have been doing.
Best to be as prepared as possible.

This was POSTED YESTERDAY on all the fires. As I said, not much has changed, you still need to monitor situations close to you.

Across the region we know all businesses are doing it tough and have been impacted in many ways.
NOW is the time to shop local, visit a restaurant if you can and help support your town where possible.

The Batlow Road from the Snowy Valleys Highway intersection to Batlow township has reopened at 4pm this afternoon. Drivers are reminded to be vigilant of falling trees. Although the road has been assessed for dangerous trees, these may still be present and fall with very little or no notice.

Fires across the Snowy Monaro region at present.