by Steve Cuff

The current fires have that raged through the mid section of Kosciuszko National Park have impacted the Snowy Hydro township of Cabramurra plus minor damage at the Snowy 2.0 location of Lobs Hole.

Cabramurra, surrounded by bushland on a small plateau has seen a number of buildings impacted. The Kosciuszko National Park was evacuated well before the fires arrived at Cabramurra, with only a skeleton crew staying as with other towns and resorts in the national park.

Snowy Hydro have today released images and information where they have detailed the Cabramurra loss, and also supplied brief information on their power station assets.

Building fire damage in Cabramurra. Photos courtesy of Snowy Hydro.

“It is a very difficult time for our community with the current bushfires and drought. Over the weekend, the bushfires reached the mountains and impacted some of our regional assets at Snowy Hydro.”

“The most important thing is that our people, their families and the local community are safe. Our staff were evacuated from our regional areas and sites last week, well before the fires came through.

“At this stage, we believe that the power stations have not suffered major damage, but we have lost a number of other assets. When it is safer for us to access the fire-affected sites, we’ll know the full extent of the damage.

“For now we know that in Cabramurra (Snowy’s operational township) a significant number of houses and buildings have been lost, including the school and old ski club. The fire front also went through Lobs Hole, where the Snowy 2.0 construction site is situated and we expect some equipment damage. These places are part of Snowy and we will rebuild as quickly as possible.

“It’s also good to see TransGrid restoring the transmission lines so power from the mighty Snowy can get to homes and businesses.

“Our sincere thanks go out to all the members of the RFS, CFA and emergency services, including our Snowy employees out volunteering and protecting homes and the community assets. You’re all doing an incredible job and we are grateful for your service.”

The main Cabramurra building that includes bistro, bar and photo displays

In our current summer edition of Snowy Mountains Magazine we celebrated with the Snowy Hydro extended family for their 70th anniversary of the mighty Snowy Scheme. The Snowy is still well loved by past and current employees.

We also offered a touring guide to see all the wonderful sights of the “Snowy”, so we are deeply saddened at their loss at Cabramurra.

Currently the Kosciuszko National Park remains closed until further notice.

A view of the Cabramurra township in summer. Photo Steve Cuff.