Tumut 3 Power Station Saved

Tumut 3
Tumut 3 Power Station at Talbingo.

By Steve Cuff

One of the major concerns with fires within the Snowy Mountains is for the Snowy Hydro stable of power stations.

This critical infrastructure has come under severe threat and the full extent of any damage may not be known for some time.

One story emerging yesterday came via the Fire and Rescue NSW Station 268 Corowa team who were seconded to assist around the Talbingo area and Tumut 3 Power Station.

In a post at midnight they advised one of their teams were all safe after battling a very large fire front that had passed though.

“We saved the Snowy Hydro Tumut 3 then rushed into town (Talbingo) but got caught on a fire storm. We activated our crew protection and carried out our safety drills until it passed. We then continued into Talbingo and first saved the local servo and now we are putting out houses.”

“All the locals are safe and have evacuated to a safe position.”

All photos Fire and Rescue NSW Station 268 Corowa.

A house is burnt in Talbingo.

Fire crews on the ground in Talbingo.

Fire crews with a blaze in the background.

Flames roar in Talbingo.