by Steve Cuff

10.30pm Update

There are still numerous fires across the whole region in what has been a hugely tense day with so many affected. Numerous towns have come under severe threat with out of control fires, while other areas may have escaped the predicated fire threat. A change in weather and temperatures has eased conditions marginally, but lives are under threat and countless property lost.

It is incomprehensible to witness the extent of fires raging across the south east corner of Australia.

Snowy Valleys Region
The Snowy Valleys region on the western side of the Snowy Mountains has ongoing fire threats.
Dunns Road – 149,000 hectares
This fire has continued to impact today and is out of control. Fire activity is increasing and burning on multiple fronts.

As quoted on the Tumut and Adelong Times, “Our focus today is life and property,” public liaison officer Brad Stewart said. “We are not actively fighting the fire, any attempts to do so would be ineffective.”

Batlow, Adelong and Talbingo were in the firing line today. Earlier in the day residents of Talbingo were evacuated to the country club as fire was on the townships doorstep.
Fire has crossed the Snowy Mtns Hwy at Blowering Dam just north of Yachting Point Campsite.
Goobarragandra Residents remain on alert should the fire turn north after the change arrives. We are expecting the winds to swing to the South East later in the evening and push back on previously burnt areas.
The towns of Wondalga, Kunama, Batlow, Talbingo and surrounding areas, Mundaroo, Ournie, Mannus and surrounding areas, Rosewood, Tumbarumba and surrounds are still a threat.
Tumut should monitor the changing conditions.

Green Valley/Talmalmo – 127,522 hectares
This fire has continued to grow on all fronts and has impacted a wide region including towns of Corryong, Jingelic and Khancoban and is pushing into the Kosciuszko National Park towards Tom Groggin. This fire is also burning south west of Tumbarumba and following a south westerly change, will push the fire towards Tumbarumba.

Fires Merge
At 6.45pm NSW Rural Fire service advised that the Dunns Road, East Ournie Creek (Snowy Valleys LGA) and Green Valley, Talmalmo (Greater Hume LGA) fires are merging. They advise of very dangerous and erratic fire conditions.


Snowy Monaro Region

Multiple fires are still very active across the region. The Good Good, Doubtful Trail and Adaminaby Complex fires remain at Emergency Alert level. People in these fire areas need to remain alert with Rural Fire Service stating seek shelter as fires approach.
Firefighting resources remain in place overnight at strategic locations to protect lives and property.

Fires still at Emergency Level in the Snowy Monaro:

Good Good Fire – 28,000 hectares.
This fire is burning in the Peak View area, north of Bredbo River and north of Numerella. The fire is burning in a south easterly direction and increasing fire activity and moving the fire in a more northerly direction.
The Inaloy Trail has merged with this fire. The towns of Peak View, Jerangle, Jerangle Village, Numeralla, Countegany and surrounds are under threat.

Doubtful Gap Fire – 14,000 heactreas.
A bush fire is burning in the Snowy Plain area west of Eucumbene Cove, Braemar Bay and surrounding areas and is out of control.
The southerly change is likely to see an increase in activity and will push the fire in a more northerly direction.
A fire generated thunderstorm (pyro-cumulonimbus) has formed over the Doubtful Gap Trail fire, with potential for escalation in fire behaviour associated with this fire thunderstorm. A pyro-cumulonimbus can create erratic winds and dry lightning and result in significantly faster fire spread. You may hear thunder, you may see lightning, and erratic winds will push the fire in multiple directions. This is a very dangerous situation and you need to monitor the conditions around you and take appropriate action.

Adaminaby Complex Fires – 15,000 hectares.
Multiple fires are burning to the north of Adaminaby in the Bugtown area and is out of control.
The towns of Yaouk in the north and Lake Eucumbene in the south including Adaminaby and Shannons Flat and area of Bugtown, Old Adaminaby and Anglers Reach are under threat.

A southerly change in early evening changed the course of predicted fire path of the Doubtful Gap that could have impacted Jindabyne. The The following areas are not under threat.

Berridale, Bredbo, Bombala, Cooma, Dalgety, Delegate Jindabyne, Michelago.

Thredbo Resort
The Pilot Lookout fire is 1000 hectares and was expected to impact Thredbo Resort today. At this stage the fire burning in the remote Kosciuszko National Park, south of Mount Kosciuszko is spreading quickly but has not escalated during the day as predicted. This evening conditions have changed in that fire system.

At 6.30pm the NSW Rural Fire Service advised a fire generated thunderstorm (pyro-cumulonimbus) has formed over the Tin Mines, Pilot Lookout and Nine Mile fires, south west of Thredbo. As a result, there is a potential for escalation in fire behaviour associated with this fire thunderstorm with the areas of Thredbo Village, Little Thredbo, Bullocks Flat, Crackenback and surrounds coming under threat.

Thredbo Resort did post this evening on their Facebook page saying “we’d like to extend our appreciation to all our guests, residents and the wider community for their support and patience during this time. In particular, our heartfelt gratitude to the Thredbo Fire Station (Fire & Rescue NSW), the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), the NSW Rural Fire Service and all involved in supporting the bushfire efforts across the alpine regions and the country.”

“Substantial preparation efforts have been made by the Thredbo team to do their best to protect the resort. A small team of volunteers remain at Thredbo and their ongoing safety is our absolute priority.”

South West of Cooma – South Coast

Badja Forest Road and Countegany Fires – 199,000 hectares
Bush fires burning in the Badja Forest Road, Countegany area and the Big Belimba Creek and Bumbo Creek, in the Dampier State Forest areas are out of control.

At 6pm an emergency warning was issued for a fire generated thunderstorm (pyro-cumulonimbus) has formed over the Werri Berri and the Badja Forest Rd fire, west of Bega.

As a result, there is a potential for escalation in fire behaviour associated with this fire thunderstorm and erratic winds will push the fire in multiple directions. This is a very dangerous situation and this whole fire system is severely impacting the South Coast region.
Further south the Border Fire is threatening the town of Eden.

Victorian Fires in the Gippsland area are also threatening on the border of NSW.
This evening an emergency warning was being issued for Bendoc, Bendoc North, Bendoc Upper, Bonang, Cabanandra, Deddick Valley, Delegate River, Dellicknora, Errinundra, Goongerah, Haydens Bog, Nurran, Roaring Camp, Tubbut, Yalmy plus Suggan Buggan, Wulgulmerang, Wulgulmerang East.