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  • They came, they played, they sang, they busked and they certainly entertained.

    The Australian National Busking Championships, combined with the Cooma Regional Championships had the Cooma CBD humming with tunes on Saturday as a plethora of highly talented musicians of all ages played from 10am through until the final songs at 6.30pm.

    With spectators wandering the streets and stopping to watch artists across 28 hot spot busking venues, and artists trying to impress the judges as well as busk for gratuities from the public, it proved to be another hugely successful event for Cooma.

    With buskers automatically qualifying for the national finals if they had won a regional event, and final places up for grabs courtesy of the Cooma Regional Championships, artists pulled out all stops to impress.

    In the end there can only be one winner in each category, with the National Finals awarded as follows.

    Open Age Category

    Winners the Inadequates

    1st – The Inadequates
    2nd – Jackson Xavier
    3rd – Stitch
    4th – Tash Eloise
    5th – Drew Blundell
    6th – Alex Eldred
    7th – Alejandro Aguanta

    Secondary Age Category

    Secondary age winner Finnegan August

    1st – Finnegan August
    2nd – Todd Haywood
    3rd – Kesha Oayda
    4th – Hanna Dunn
    5th – The Gray Sisters
    6th Finley Geach

    Primary Age Category

    Tulli Oayda

    1st – Tulli Oayda
    2nd – Annabelle van Wyk
    3rd – Gemma Ellis
    4th – Will & Annie
    5th – Gryff

    Peoples Choice
    1st – Drew Blundell
    2nd – Stephen O’Brien
    3rd – Snowy Strings

    See below a gallery of various artists from the day and finals. All photos Steve Cuff.

    Gemma Ellis

    Cooma Regional Championships finalists.

    Cooma Regional Primary Age Category Jada Horneman, Lucy Beveridge, Tulli Oayda.

    Glenda Harvey

    JJH Potter

    Stitch Duo

    The Remedy boys from Jindabyne.

    The Remedy boys from Jindabyne.


    AB Positive

    Snowy Strings

    Lucy Beveridge

    The James Brothers

    Constance Fairleight

    Jackson Xavier

    Kesha Oayda

    David Durrant

    The Norts, Shelley and Annie.

    City of Queanbeyan Pipes and Drumns

    Alejandro Aguanta

    Tash Eloise

    Alex Eldred

    Dew Blundell

    The Gray Sisters, Tia and Bella.

    Hanna Dunn

    Finnegan August

    Todd Haywood

    Finley Geach

    Annie and Will