By Steve Cuff

The Deputy Premier and Member for Monaro today made a huge commitment to the people of Jindabyne announcing a total of $70 million worth of infrastructure projects for Jindabyne if re-elected in March.

A huge crowd of residents gathered in Nugget’s Crossing courtyard where Mr Barilaro was applauded for the news.

It is the biggest funding announcement in the town’s history, with four major individual projects.

$40 Million New High School

Mr Barilaro has signalled a new $40 million high school to deal with issues surrounding future growth and development of Jindabyne Central School (JCS).

Some suggestions include expanding the school or relocating the high school component of JCS to Jindabyne Sport and Recreation.

The final site will be determined once the Go Jindabyne 2036 masterplan is completed and released in later 2019, along with community consultation.

“The $40 million commitment to Jindabyne Central School will ensure there are no limits when it comes to making a decision about the future of the school,” said Mr Barilaro.

Jindabyne Central School

$11.8 Million Jindabyne Shared Trail

The government will also allocate $11.8 million to construct an additional 100km of new trails linking existing walking and cycling routes around Lake Jindabyne.

Mr Barilaro said, “this project was identified by the community as the number one priority project for Jindabyne.”

The project will complement the $9.8 million Thredbo Valley Track extension the NSW Government funded in 2018 and create an international standard mountain bike trail.

“Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains have so much to offer all year round, and the construction of a further 100km of new trails will give Jindabyne a one-of-a-kind attraction, like none other in the southern hemisphere.”

More trail will be built around Lake Jindabyne.

$7 Million Education Precinct

The NSW Government will co-locate a new TAFE connected learning centre and a satellite Country Universities Centre at a new $7 million education precinct. The centre will broaden access to tertiary studies and provide locals with the support they need when undertaking tertiary education, without the challenge of travelling.

Mr Barilaro said he was particularly excited about this announcement which has the potential to be co-located with a new high school, depending on the preferences released in the masterplan findings.

“The announcement of a new education precinct for Jindabyne gives the opportunity to re-address the location of the new public library I was proud to announce funding for earlier this year.

I understand members of the public have concerns regarding the co-location of the library with Jindabyne Central School (JCS), and I will work with council and the community to find the b location for the library. This further consultation will not halt the current upgrades underway at JCS.”

$10 Million Renovation Jindabyne Police Station

The Jindabyne Police Station will receive a $10 million upgrade and renovation to increase capacity of police in order to cope with the busy winter season.

“With the growth of Jindabyne, plus the town’s peak periods, it’s important our police station is up to scratch. Our government is delivering 1500 new police officers for NSW, and to complement this boost, our police stations will see major upgrades, all in the aim of keeping residents safe and protected.”

Jindabyne Police Station


These four major projects all run off the back of the Go Jindabyne 2036 Masterplan which was announced in late 2018. The NSW Government initiated this masterplan, fast-tracking it with funding of $2.4 million.

Jindabyne was targeted by the NSW Government as a town that is experiencing rapid growth, and major town planning was desperately needed to keep in line with this growth. A team of experts are currently dissecting information from community consultations.

“We are expecting the findings of the Go-Jindabyne masterplan to be released midway through 2019 and today’s announcement will ensure the NSW government is ready to act on the findings and roll out the Go-Jindabyne proposal,” said Mr Barilaro.

“We don’t want to see adhoc development roll out in Jindabyne. So let me make it clear that the NSW Government will not pre-empt the masterplan.”

Many locals agree that some developments in Jindabyne over 50 plus years is best described as ad hoc. Some developments might have seemed suitable at the time, but with this rapid growth, especially the past five years, Jindabyne has created its own issues around traffic, parking, a bulging school, population growth plus a booming land and housing market.

As a town that relies on tourism as the main driver of the economy, increased visitation is welcomed by many including the retail sector and resorts, but as any area that grows too fast it can create side issues with decisions made in haste or without considering all scenarios.

The town awaits the findings of the masterplan but today’s announcements will certainly be a huge kick starter for the future of Jindabyne beyond 2019.

“What I have announced today is the commitment and allocation to fund the first step of the Go-Jindabyne process. This funding will be unlocked as soon as Lee Shearer (masterplan co-ordinator) announces the Go-Jindabyne Masterplan later this year,” said Mr Barilaro.

Photos in gallery, John Barilaro making the announcement and mingling with local residents. PHOTOS: Steve Cuff