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  • By Steve Cuff

    The NSW State Government recently announced the Jindabyne Masterplan where state planners and architects will fast track their vision for Jindabyne until 2036.

    This is a very important phase in Jindabyne’s history, and while some may say that council have had these masterplans in the past, this one is being backed by the State Government with $2.4 million.

    Labelled Go Jindabyne, the masterplan will consider all aspects of Jindabyne, including tourism, jobs, services, accommodation, housing, roads, local products and all factors that contribute to the distinct local character of the town.

    Plus, they will take on board all the previous council masterplan ideas and merge them all together for an end result.

    Heading up the project is Lee Shearer who was at the announcement in Jindabyne recently.

    What does this mean for you as a resident of Jindabyne…..?

    It is time to have your say with constructive information to help the town in future decades.……

    You can help do this in either of 2 ways, attend the Community Information Sessions and/or also visit the Bus in Nugget’s Crossing.

    The first week of December will see three community information sessions scheduled. (see link at bottom of page)

    Plus, there will be a NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment bus in Nugget’s Crossing where you can drop in and offer your views on key components of what Jindabyne needs.

    Now is not the time for negativity and criticism of what has happened in the past.
    The past is just that, the past……

    What we as Jindabyne residents need to do is offer constructive opinions on what we think the town needs in the future, not just tomorrow, but for the longer term.

    You may have heard many people’s views, but ensure you offer yours.

    We all know Jindabyne is a great town, but the State Government has earmarked Jindabyne as a key area for the gateway to the Snowy Mountains Alpine Region and they want to help us improve the town and the region by investing.

    Once the Go Jindabyne masterplan has been identified it will be on display to the public in the early new year.

    Snowy Mountains Magazine briefly discussed the masterplan with NSW Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional NSW and Member for Monaro John Barilaro and asked him what plans the Sate Government had once the masterplan was complete.

    From our magazine tourist point of view, we were asking about improving a key piece of town which is to make much better use of the Lake Jindabyne foreshore.

    Compared to other towns with lakes or water frontage, many people think the town lacks infrastructure on the lake foreshore. There have already been some ideas presented to tourism personnel.

    Mr Barilaro said he welcomed people’s ideas and said the foreshore is a key asset for Jindabyne.

    “There are some early signs and early ideas we have identified already. Lee will do the work, I reckon very early in the new year we will be able to say hey, these projects seem to tick the boxes, are in line with the broader masterplan from the past and the government will stump up the cash and make some commitments around it. This is about actually activating this region and I think people will only trust us in relation to a broader masterplan if they see delivery in the shorter term,” said Mr Barilaro.

    To have your say on Jindabyne’s future please attend one of the scheduled community meetings.

    You can register here to have your say…

    To assist the planners you can also fill out this survey, it only takes a few minutes and it will be very helpful to them.

    Click here to fill out survey

    A bus will be at Nugget’s Crossing December 4, 5, 6 for people to have their say.