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  • Snow Depth increasing

    2018 Snow Depth comparison
    The current snow depth compared with the year 2000.


    Anyone who doubts how well the 2018 season is going should look at this comparison to the mighty 2000 season. The 2000 year has been a benchmark this century but while 2018 has always lagged behind in the earlier part of the season, this week is about equal even if only for a short time.

    The snowfalls this week have elevated the 2018 season to a very healthy 180.5cm base at Spencer Creek.

    This has been the same 1830m elevation for measuring snow depth since the 1950’s and what every other year is compared to.

    Skiers and snowboarders will attest that this week has been phenomenal powder skiing early in the week, and when the sun broke through today it surely did show how much snow the mountains have had.

    The resorts are now in superb condition, with stacks of snow just waiting for your August or Spring holiday.

    The forecast for the next few weeks has more cold fronts arriving. This Saturday there will be up to 20cm and lingering into Sunday with another winter blast that could see 25cm by Monday morning. Next week will see some fine weather before more snow falls starting on Thursday and Friday with a possible 15cm more over these two days.

    A satellite image showing the next front that will hit this weekend. Photo courtesy of BOM