Thredbo Powder Day

18 0807 Thredbo ski powder
Skiing Thredbo powder Tuesday August 7. Photos courtesy Thredbo /Aedan O'Donnell.


Some days are more special than others for powder aficionados and today might just have been one of those days at Thredbo with 35cm of snow falling in the past 24 hours.

When they say a picture tells a thousands words, in this case the snow flying might also hide some huge grins as this crew ripped into the light dry Thredbo powder.

August snow is going to new heights over the coming weeks, with more snow falling today (Tuesday 7) and set to continue with 10-20cm on Wednesday and after a short reprieve, another weekend dump of up to 20cm. Snowatch’s Pete the Frog Taylor is calling for up to 85cm of snow in this next ten day period.

So if you had any doubts as to whether you should you book a holiday for August or September, pick up that phone now, it is only going to get better.

“It is sensational out there, we put on the fat ski’s and headed into the Bluff, Cannonball and Golf Course, definitely the best powder day of the season” said Thredbo Ski Patrol Manager David Kuhn.

Here is a selection of images today from the Thredbo media crew.

Some days it pays to have a beard and catch all that snow.
Each turn brings up a wall of snow for this snowboarder.


Daniel Kroenert relishing the Thredbo offerings above and below.


Scenic poolside at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel above and below.

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