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    YOU know the feeling, you are riding the chair and you look down and see the best skiers and snowboarders on the mountain cruising effortlessly down the slopes.

    There is an air of grace about their movements, there are no clunky stop starts, it is all smoothly linked turns and it appears there is no effort. And let’s be honest here, it looks bloody good.

    On the other side of the ledger, you arrive for your week long holiday, a tad rusty from last year and it takes you one or two days to get into the groove. That is fine you say but you still pull up with aching legs and sink into the couch for that first beer or cocktail in the afternoon.

    So you think for a moment…Wouldn’t it be nice to glide with silky smooth turns.

    Sound familiar? Yes we have all been there and the answer to get out of the this snow rut is tuition.

    Now we are not saying you can improve your skiing to be exactly like the best in a day or week, it takes time. But it can be achieved and each small step you take allows you to ski longer, less stress on your muscles and that sinking into the couch feeling at the end of the day just got a whole lot sweeter.

    Perisher have a great deal this winter where if you book early and buy a lift, lesson and hire bundle you get you get your lesson for free.

    So here is a great chance to start your tuition, courtesy of Perisher’s over 400 qualified instructors.

    They have spent years training, improving their own skiing and teaching thousands of people to not only learn how to ski, but to continue improving all the way through the ranks.

    Everyone started out as a beginner, progressed to the intermediate level and here is where most people tend to be stuck. Again, we have all been there, but you can move on.

    Cruising green and blue groomed runs is great, we all love that but sometimes going off the main runs can be a whole lot of fun as well. And when the weather changes with snow falling and less visibility, here is where you can come into your own if have better skills which equal more confidence.

    Take a Perisher lesson and improve your skiing.

    And who knows, the steep black runs like Olympic or Kamikaze may just be in reach next week once you have fine-tuned your technique.

    For the best deals visit the Perisher website where you can book ahead for all your lessons, lift passes and hire. Should you already have your lift pass, think of lessons as an investment in your skiing and boarding future and all the enjoyment you can attain with some new found skills.

    Happy sliding on what has been a cracking start to the 2018 season.

    Perisher have a great deal this winter

    Book early and buy a lift, lesson and hire bundle and you get your lesson for free.

    For all information visit www.perisher.com.au