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By Steve Cuff

RECORDS are set to be broken and world water speed record holder Ken Warby would like nothing better than for son Dave to break his record.

Set in October 1978 on Blowering Dam in Tumut, the Spirit of Australia’s 511.11kmh (317.60 mph) record still stands today.

Dave Warby has been trialing on Blowering Dam with his boat Spirit of Australia 2 and in late May reached over 200 miles per hours (322kmh) for the first time.

“It was really good, we did have some minor problems on the weekend, but we’ve managed to touch 200 (mph) and that’s what we’re happy about and that what’s we really wanted to do this weekend,” said Dave.

He said the team will make minor modifications to push it faster and a little bit easier to drive going through those speeds.

“It still feels a bit heavy on the front of the boat, that may come out with another 100mph of air under the front of it, we’ll muck around with it and get it right.”

This is an expensive sport and the team have created a crowd funding campaign to assist their effort. They have currently reached over $20,000 so far in pledges with a target of $50,000 which will be enough to fund two of the further 5-6 trials they estimate to prepare for the record.
Crowd funding is an all or nothing event and if they don’t achieve the $50,000 they will receive nothing. The entire team consists of volunteers and nobody is paid, everyone has day jobs.

The personal investment to date is greater than $250000 and five years of blood sweat and tears.
If you wish to contribute to help make this piece of history a reality please visit

Ken and Dave Warby. Photo Steve Cuff
Ken Warby’s record is displayed at The Pines on Blowering Dam
Dave Warby in May where he reached over 200 mile per hour (322kmh). Photo Steve Cuff
Dave Warby piloting his jet propelled boat. Photo Steve Cuff

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