Blizzard snow bonanza

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Friday Fresh on Perisher's Front Valley. Photo Perisher.


By Steve Cuff

It may have been the official opening weekend last week, but this weekend it will be the sweetest of snowy weekends as the Australian Alps have been smashed by a series of cold fronts.

That is one HUGE snow boost from Mother Nature, and one which we are very appreciative. So thankyou and continue on with your blizzards.

As of Friday evening, over 35cm has fallen the past few days, but beware as the most precipitation looks like being tonight and into early Saturday.

Thredbo staff “snow testing” at Cruiser on Friday. Great face shot to start the season. Photo Thredbo Resort.


And wait there’s more…. It is likely to keep snowing into Sunday and possibly Monday.

Saturday snow will fall to about the 900m level, so expect roads to be slippery and snowy on the way to Perisher and Thredbo.

Perisher will have 8 lifts running in Perisher and Smiggins on Saturday, and Thredbo are opening with the Cruiser chair, Friday Flat and if all goes to plan, High Noon on Sunday.

Winter is hear so break out the champagne and celebrate.

This storm could not have arrived at a better time and combined with some concerted snowmaking efforts by all resorts we will see more terrain open up in the next week.

If you know any beginners looking to start their snow career, this coming few weeks will be ideal as the slopes will be relatively uncrowded, great snow and the weather improving early in the week.

For the intermediates and advanced looking to get amongst it, be patient it is only the first real storm of winter, so stick to the edges of the main runs at the moment, or just carve up the fresh on the groomed runs this weekend, it may well be filling in every hour anyway.

The off piste is still ski tuners heaven, and while I know we all get a little too excited when it snows like this, now is not the time to venture too far.

Here is a snippet of images today from Perisher and Thredbo just to give you a teaser for what this season and our wonderful Aussie slopes can deliver.

Praise the snow gods…………………………………

Carving fresh snow on Front Valley, Friday. Photo Perisher


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