Media Release 14 May, 2018

Cooma residents are advised that the Royal Military College – Duntroon – will be conducting a peace-keeping training exercise in Cooma.

The exercise will run from Thursday 17 May to Friday 1 June. The exercise headquarters will be based at Cooma Race Course, Cooma. Staff Cadets (SCDTs) from RMC-D will be operating in and around the Cooma region.

Staff Cadets from the Royal Military College Duntroon will conduct armed (using blank ammunition) uniformed foot patrols through Cooma. SCDTs will be transported on Defence Vehicles (likely Unimogs or MAN Trucks).

SCDTs will conduct vehicle check points on side streets, defend key council installations and conduct searches of properties that have been arranged by Defence.

Skirmishes between SCDTs and Defence members, role-playing as enemy forces, will take place daily between 6.00am and 11.59pm. These skirmishes will involve firing of blank ammunition that only produce noise.

The ability for the Army’s future officers to operate in a civilian community offers an invaluable training opportunity by providing a realistic replication of an overseas peace-keeping deployment.

A letterbox drop will take place informing residents of the particular dates and relevant streets that the SCDTs will be training in.