Perisher fire up guns

18 0501 Man Hotel snowmaking
Perisher fire up their snowmaking guns May 1st 2018. Photo courtesy of the Man from Snowy River Hotel

Give credit where credit is due, Perisher always strive to start their snowmaking campaign whenever they see an early season opportunity.

With some snow in the forecast this coming weekend, and the chance for cold overnight temperatures it is not surprising to see the Perisher snowmaking team fire up the guns today.

This image taken by The Man from Snowy River Hotel at Perisher today suggests the crew are ready to go at any time.

You will remember that Perisher always strive to open early if conditions allow and have done so on numerous occasions in the past decade.

Last year Snowy Mountains Magazine captured their June cover photo at Perisher in early May as the early morning sunrise lit up the plumes of snow from the guns.

Lets hope this beautiful current autumn weather now turns nasty and we see the temperatures drop, snowmaking thrive and we get this 2018 season off to a cracking start.

Mother Nature, you are always invited to the party, so turn up at any time of the day or night.

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If you are thinking of a snow holiday at Perisher, you can find information in our latest Snow Holiday Online Edition, or visit the Man from Snowy River Hotel website.

Perisher snowmakers Khari Stapleton and Paul Nicholls make the cover of the 2017 June edition taken in early May 2017.