Trout Spawning Limit

18 0426 Niall fishing
Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair fishing for trout in Eucumbene River


Media Release 26 April 2018

Two of Australia’s most iconic trout fisheries are set to see an influx of anglers from 1 May, as the annual trout spawning season commences in the state’s Snowy Mountains.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is reminding those visiting the Eucumbene and Thredbo Rivers that while the season presents an opportunity to catch a prized trophy fish, there are specific rules in place to protect the iconic species.

DPI Senior Fisheries Manager Cameron Westaway said between 1 May and 11 June, recreational fishers are required to abide by reduced bag limits to allow the fish to breed.

“During trout spawning season, there’s a daily bag limit of one fish, at a minimum size of 50cm, and a total of two fish in possession,” he said.

“These rules apply to the Thredbo River and its tributaries, as well as the Eucumbene River and its tributaries (upstream of the Lake Eucumbene Dam wall and including Providence Portal).

“Although DPI stocks both dams with Rainbow Trout, as well as stocking Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout into Lake Jindabyne, it’s still important to provide increased protection for Brown Trout during their spawning.

“DPI Fisheries officers will be patrolling the areas to ensure that fishers are abiding by these rules throughout the season.”

Recreational fishers can use one attended rod and line, with up to two hooks with artificial flies or lures. Up to three treble hooks attached to any lure is permitted, while any fishing gear rigged for bait fishing is prohibited.

Mr Westaway said the annual spawning runs, paired with the right weather conditions, see above average populations of fish in the area, providing an opportunity to hook a trophy fish.

“As the fishing can be second-to-none, this tends to attract large numbers, which has led to vehicle access restrictions in place on the Eucumbene River in conjunction with Snowy Hydro, NPWS and local angling groups,” he said.

Those with limited mobility may arrange a vehicle permit via DPI, with those eligible able to obtain a key and permit with two weeks’ notice. Applications for a limited mobility vehicle permit can be made online on the DPI website.

The annual closure on fishing in trout streams for the rest of NSW will be in place from midnight, Monday 11 June, allowing the species to breed uninterrupted. The season will re-open on Saturday 29 September. Trout dams remain open to fishing throughout the year.

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