Snowy 2.0 Community Update

Graphic overview of pipeline

Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce are hosting in partnership with Snowy Hydro an opportunity to learn more about Snowy 2.0.
The evening will give the Jindabyne community an update on the project and further details regarding opportunities plus how it might impact Jindabyne.

All community members are invited to learn more about the project.

Wednesday April 11, 2018 from 6.00pm to 8.00pm @ Rydges Snowy Mountains.

A graphic showing the layout of the new tunnels

About Snowy 2.0

Snowy 2.0 is a pumped-hydro expansion of the Snowy Scheme which will supercharge existing generation and large-scale storage capabilities.

Pumped hydro works like a conventional hydro-electric scheme, but instead of releasing the water after energy has been generated, a pumped hydro scheme “recycles” or pumps water back to the upper reservoir to be used again.

The ability to pump and store water means Snowy 2.0 acts like a giant battery by absorbing, storing and dispatching energy. Snowy 2.0 will pump water using electricity at times of low demand and store it in the upper reservoir. Then, when energy is needed most, the stored water will be used to generate and dispatch electricity within minutes.

Pumping water at times of low demand means that Snowy 2.0 will have water ready to use for energy generation at times when consumers need it most.
Snowy 2.0 will link the two existing reservoirs of Tantangara and Talbingo through underground tunnels and there will be an underground power station in between with pumping capabilities.   The project will involve underground excavation and tunnelling works between Tantangara and Talbingo reservoirs to depths of up to 1 kilometre. It will also involve surface works in several locations including at the intake-outlet structures, surge shaft, cable and ventilation portal sites. A number of supporting works will also be required such as establishing or upgrading access tracks and roads and electricity connections to construction sites. Accommodation will be provided for construction workers in temporary camps close to the work sites.

The overall Snowy Scheme with the new tunnel (blue dotted line) linking Tantangara and Talbingo dams.

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