Mogul mixed emotions

2018 Winter Olympics Mogul Qualification
Mogul qualification round 1 at Pheonix Snow Park. 2018 Winter Olympic games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Photo by Steve Cuff

By Steve Cuff in PyeongChang

Australia officially started their Winter Olympic campaign today in PyeongChang with mogul qualifications, but it may have been with mixed emotions.

While Britt Cox and Matt Graham progressed straight through to the final, Brodie Summers who had just returned from a knee injury succumbed to the same injury during warm up and did not start in his qualification run.

It was disappointing for the likeable Summers, who only a few days ago said his leg was feeling really good. “We have worked really well together last five months and managed to make it happen and now its business time,” said Summers when talking about his rehabilitation.

While his injury was a disappointment, on the other side of the ledger you had 26 year Rohan Chapman-Davies who was elated about his first foray into the Winter Olympic cauldron.

Chapman-Davies finished a credible 17th and will have another chance to qualify for the finals

“You know my story, a week ago I didn’t even think that I was going to be here at the PyeongChang Olympics, and to be here and push out of the gate and compete was absolutely amazing.”

“For me personally in my run I had set goals that I wanted to achieve, and I think more or less for the most part I hit those goals and put the run that I am happy with.”

The Australian’s had a number of debut skiers, with Jakara Anthony (14), Madii Himbury (15) and Claudia Gueli (17) all making their debut in the ladies event. James Matheson also made his debut in the men finishing 23rd overall.

Britt Cox finished 6th in qualification and will advance straight through to the final, where she will be hoping she can qualify for the super final 6 people and then launch her assault for a medal.

Matt Graham while finishing 9th was certainly off the pace compared to lead qualifier Mikael Kingsbury, who looks to be a step above the rest of the field at present.

This evening is the opening ceremony where 27 of the 53 athletes will march, with Scotty James the Australian team flag bearer.