By Steve Cuff in South Korea

WITH the Winter Olympic games ready to start later this week, we take a quick look at the capital city of Seoul.

On a whirlwind Sunday tour on Seoul City sightseeing bus it was pleasantly quiet for a big city that has an estimated 10 million people in the city limits and the extended area boasting a whopping 25 million people. Imagine all of Australia in this small area.

The traffic is steady in the morning but builds throughout the day as we listen to running commentary on wars with Japan dating back centuries, the historical wall and palaces within the city and the different areas of the city.

Not unlike any other city, it has financial districts, shopping and fashion areas. Navigating through the I’Part Mall in search of a phone was interesting, but once you have the lay of the land I am sure it would be quite easy.


The view from N Seoul Tower.

The main two highlights in a one day excursion are the Namsan Seoul Tower which has exceptional views of the entire city and the Gyeongbokgung Palace changing of the guard.

A stroll through the palace was intriguing and interesting to see many residents dressed in traditional costumes wanting to be photographed with the guards.

This is all allowed until it is time for a rotation (to stay warm we assume) and then the official changing of the guard as a new batch arrive.

The head guardsman then inspects and ensures they all look immaculate and pimps up any item of clothing that is not perfect.

The city seemed to be very safe and really was worthy of at least three to four days to really embrace the culture more and see more areas.

Here is a selection of images form the day in picture gallery.