By Steve Cuff in PyeongChang

You can always rely on meeting an Australian in some bizarre place in the snow world.

And just to not disappoint this theory I came across a group of Australian course workers on the Winter Olympic mogul course.

Standing there waiting to take photos it was easy to hear the accent, and upon further investigation it was revealed that Scott Russell, Michael Carroll and Jack Davies were a bunch of Thredbo instructors and race department workers here for the winter.

They had worked in the local Pheonix Park ski school and have spent the last month building the mogul course as part of a big team of workers.

Davies advised the group arrived in early December and teaching and had then been in the freestyle areas since January 20, and more specifically the mogul course.

Michael Carroll said it had been pretty chilly and getting down to -35 some days.

“We have been out building the moguls in some pretty drastically cold temperatures,” he said

“This Olympic uniform is pretty good, I’ve got two thermal layers, a fleece and then the coat – so four layers,” when we enquired about how warm they were.

Scott Russell was obviously looking to impress back home at Thredbo when he said, “It’s been amazing, and pretty interesting coming from the background with the work I do in Thredbo.”

“Working in race department and helping out the famous Mogul Mike on a couple of occasions and have learnt so much over here and working with the amazing team.  Can’t wait to bring my new knowledge back to Thredbo.”

There were more Australians also working in the resort but these guys were pretty switched on with all the athlete names a swell.