Weather lashes Adaminaby Races

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The full force of the hail storm hits at 12.45pm

Words and photos By Steve Cuff

The Adaminaby Races, one of the towns biggest days of the year was postponed without a race being run today after a huge storm battered the course 45 minutes before the first race.
In what was a cruel blow to organisers, the weather turned from near perfect in the morning to a nasty storm brewing about 12.30pm.
You could see the rain band moving in from the west as bookies battened down the hatches and patrons looked for early shelter.

The weather increases as hail starts to fall.

A huge thunder clap well prior to the rain arriving sparked everyone’s attention, and then a huge downpour, hail and lightening belted the track before rain eased. Patrons on the western side of the small grandstand were soon moving as the rain and hail hit with a thunderous roar, much like we were hoping for the cheering of the race horses.
Once the major weather moved on, and raised eased, stewards and jockeys inspected the course, but it was deemed too wet and dangerous to continue and the races were postponed.
It was a shame the day came to abrupt halt, as there was a huge crowd just starting to gather for what would have been a great afternoon and atmosphere at this picturesque country race track. With nothing left to do and a rescheduling of buses for large groups, the beer counter was a popular location as everyone’s plans were rescheduled.
When queried by Snowy Mountains Magazine, stewards said that water was still sitting on the track and it was extremely slippery and wet and that jockeys had their concerns about the track.
Adaminaby Jockey Club President, Lynley Miners, said they argued their case, as they thought the track was still good enough, “But at the end of the day the stewards said they can overrule the jockeys, to say, you get out there and run, but if a horse falls, they are in trouble.”
Mr Miners also said the day would hurt the club financially as all costs were up front and the club needed the whole afternoon of food and beverage sales to cover costs of the day including marque and big screen hire.

Stewards and Adaminaby Jockey Club representatives and , President Lynley Miners (pink shirt) discuss the decision.

They did try and hold fashions on the field but with another front looming it was decided to postpone all events.
Here is a dramatic snapshot of images of how the afternoon panned out.

The rain band heading towards racecourse at 12.30pm.
The fellas have a time to show of their dapper attire.
Bookies start to batten down the hatches
Heavy rain arrives and the tent crowd are scrambling at 12.39pm.
Stewards and senior jockeys inspect the track at 1.05pm
Kerry, Danielle and Lucy are in good spirits despite weather.
Emily (2nd from left) celebrates her 21st birthday with mum Fran and friends Ellarose and Kim.
The race day theme was heels and hats, with this crew having the hats sorted.
Janelle, Gary and Adele came prepared for all weather.
A trio of sisters from Jindabyne.
The bookies only had a few punters for city meetings.
The stables soon cleared out.
This is as close as anyone came to horses all day with the Kelly trained ‘Tunnel Rat’ that was scheduled to run in the first race.
Time for a beer.
The Snowgoose Hotel at Adaminaby had early patronage as race goers descended back to town.

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