Epic Community Day

The group ready for work.

By Steve Cuff
While many Australians may be perusing the form guide on Melbourne Cup day morning, the staff from Perisher were out for their second annual Epic Promise day donating their time to the community.
About 140 staff combined with community group volunteers from Jindabyne Trail Stewardship to work around Lake Jindabyne foreshore. Part of their goal was to clear trees and scrub near Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club, which is also home to the Jindabyne Yabbies Nippers Club.
The group also created a new offshoot mountain bike trail adjacent to the concrete foreshore path, allowing for better cohesion between walkers and riders on the path. The mountain bike riders will have a new dirt trail to follow for more variety.

Building trails.

Perisher Chief Operating Officer Peter Brulisauer addressed the group before they started to thank Perisher staff organisers and the local community groups they will be working with.

“Last year we had a great result building new trails and maintaining the existing trails, and this year we are really happy to work with a bunch of community groups to give back to the community to improve the environment and provide recreation facilities for youth. We look forward to having a great day giving back to the community that we all live in and love,” said Mr Brulisauer.
When asked about the cost for Perisher to stage the day, Mr Brulisauer said, “It’s a big commitment from us, we don’t really put a value on it, everyone is really happy to be here and we are happy to be giving back to the community and contributing where we can.”
The previous day it snowed heavily with heavy rain in Jindabyne, an omen perhaps as everyone was about to embark on a morning of shovelling.
“A bit of moisture in the ground is going to make the digging a bit easier, and it should clear off to a beautiful day,” said Mr Brulisauer.

Heading off to work with tools of trade.
JTS’s Lou Baker cutting trail with the mowers following
Clearing scrub and trees around Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council Recreation and Environmental Coordinator Alannah Dickeson said, “The lake foreshore is a major recreational asset for our town, for the community and for our visitors to town, so we are going to tick off a lot of projects we have been wanting to do for a long while.”

The new trail offshoot from the walking path.

Jindabyne Trail Stewardship President Craig Stonestreet said it was great to see Perisher coming back from last year to help with more trail building, and with the combined coordination and monitoring of groups to see the great progress.
“It’s pretty awesome, and its amazing how much trail you can get done, compared to doing it by yourself, much easier.”

Trees being cleared

The Epic Promise program is designed to support youth and environmental initiatives in local areas that Vail Resorts operates and the amount of hours worked on these days is of huge benefit to Jindabyne and the local community.

Cathy and Dave grafting away.
The matic was a popular choice of tool.
The new trail nearly ready.
Clearing scrub.
Chainsaws came in handy.
Ferrying debris to the truck.

A new rock wall to protect the lawn at the sailing club.
Marty and Dave and some heavy duty rock moving.
A father and son fish in the Snowy Mountains Trout Festival while work goes on.
Perisher COO Peter Brulisauer addresses his staff.

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