Snowtember Storm

17 0905 Thredbo snowboard

By Steve Cuff

Spring skiing hey, it will be warm and sunny hey….
Not this week, but who really cares when the mountains are getting lashed and bashed with a huge snowstorm that will last until this coming weekend.
And you know, we can give you a million stats and compare this season to many other seasons but what really matters is this.
There are bucket loads of snow, enough to last until months after the season closes and if you are keen for a great snow holiday or just a sensational weekend then now is the time.
You only have to look at these pictures from Thredbo and Perisher today (Tuesday September 5) to see what it is all about.

Start of pow turn at Perisher.
Finish with face shot at Perisher.

Over 70cm has fallen in the past 48 hours and there is still more to come.
Yes the visibility was limited up high today and yes it was cold and windy, but for the advanced skiers who love their skiing and powder, it was what snow dreams are made off.

Snowy Mountains Magazine ventured into Powder Bowl at Thredbo for first runs and there was some great powder to be had, and if you were in among the trees at any resort it would have been light snow. In open areas is was a bit wind affected but still boot deep.

Chris Booth at Thredbo. Thredbo photos Aedan O’Donnell.

And the groomed runs don’t get any better that what they are right now, and will remain the same for the rest of the week as temperatures stay cold.

And the weekend, did we mention it will start to clear and ease on Saturday and be sunny on Sunday.
We started this storm at 189cm base at Spencers Creek, that is enough depth alone to tell you Perisher and Thredbo have great snow.
Add a possible new 1 metre snow fall this week and you have skiers’ heaven.

See you here in Spring, it is going to be all time best spring skiing and boarding once this storm clears.

Chris Booth ripping the powder at Thredbo.
Busting loose with Jordan Sell at Thredbo.
Perisher powder day with mates.
Laying it over for maximum spray at Perisher.
Out of the snow storm at Thredbo.
Surfin the snow at Thredbo.
Hold that pose for Perisher camera.
Now that is carving up the powder at Perisher.
Perisher trees and powder.

Oh and for some stats….. Expect the snow depth to soar well over the 2.5 metre mark after this Thursday’s reading making this one of the best seasons for many years.

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