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by Steve Cuff

We all know the traffic in Jindabyne is hectic on the weekends and select busy days during winter months. The main problem is the single lane from Barry Way to Alpine Way, which realistically will never cope with the huge influx of snow traffic heading to the mountains.
A new extra lane has been earmarked for some time now and will go a long way to alleviating the problem.

The project is expected to start in October 2017, and a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is now available for your say.

Member for Monaro John Barilaro also made a statement on the REF inviting the Monaro community to have their say.
Mr Barilaro said the NSW Government is providing $20 million for a package of upgrades to improve traffic efficiency on Kosciuszko Road and the Monaro Highway.
“As part of this package, the plan is to build an additional westbound lane on Kosciuszko Road between Barry Way and Alpine Way to improve overtaking opportunities for travellers on this popular road,” Mr Barilaro said.
“The new overtaking lane will improve traffic flow on this key route to the snow and decrease travel time during peak snow season at Jindabyne.

Snowy Mountains Magazine had a look at the 79 pages of the review and have summarised it to the below.
We also suggest sending in your approval of this work and urge that it be finished by the start of the 2018 winter.

Work to start in October 2017.
Project “could” take up to 55 weeks, and finish in 2019.
Work would cease during 2018 snow season.


The REF will be displayed until Friday 18 August at these locations

Snowy Monaro Regional Council, Jindabyne Office – 2/1 Gippsland Street, Jindabyne
Snowy Region Visitor Centre at 49 Kosciuszko Road, Jindabyne.
Online via project website at

Comments on the proposal can be forwarded to

Roads and Maritime Services
Project Manager Shaun Foster
PO Box 477
Wollongong NSW 2520

Or via email at

Brief Extract
Here is a brief extract of some important parts of the 79 pages.
There are also 6 appendix pages of various information and maps.

Roads and Maritime Services (Roads and Maritime) propose to construct an additional westbound lane on Kosciuszko Rd between Barry Way and Alpine Way.
Key features of the proposal would include:
• Constructing an additional westbound lane between Barry Way and Alpine Way (approximately 1.5 kilometres), constructed wholly within the westbound side of the road
• The relining and extension of several culverts and rehabilitation of existing road
• Improving the stability to two large cutting batters through benching, scaling and blasting
• Clearing about 0.41 hectares of native vegetation
• Installation of new guardrail, kerb and gutter.

2.3 Proposal objectives
The proposal objectives are to; • Improve traffic efficiency • Rehabilitate the existing road surface • Extend and rehabilitate several culverts • Minimise direct environmental impacts.

Of 4 options, option 3 was chosen as the best outcome.
Option 3 – Widen road on the westbound side of the road. Option 3 would meet all of the objectives of the project with the least amount of whole of life costs. This option would widen the road on the westbound side to accommodate an additional lane. Advantages: • Traffic efficiency would be improved with an additional westbound lane • Low relative impact on vegetation and community • Reduced impact to road users during construction • Low construction costs. Disadvantages: • Higher amount of excess spoil generated • No safety improvements made to the eastbound lanes.

(Contents 2.5)
Preferred option 3 was the preferred option as it best meets the objectives of the proposal. This option would have some impact on vegetation and the surrounding environment. This option would also have the least cost while still meeting the proposal objectives. The impacts were deemed acceptable due to the vast improvements that would be made to traffic efficiency on Kosciuszko Road with consideration of the ‘integration’ principle of ecologically sustainable development (ESD).

(Contents 2.6)
Design refinements. The design has been refined to minimise the extent of clearing, the amount of cut volume and treatment of earthworks, as well as minimise impacts to biodiversity. The design of culverts around drainage lines has also been refined.

(Contents 3.2.3)
Rehabilitation of the existing road surface – The segment of road between Barry way and Alpine way is nearing the end of its service life, requiring rehabilitation through a 150 millimetre gravel pavement overlay.

(Contents 3.3.2)
Construction hours and duration Work is expected to start in October 2017 and take about 55 weeks, ending in March 2019.
Due to high volumes of traffic and adverse weather conditions, no work would be carried out during the snow season winter months between 10 June and the October long weekend 2018.
The working hours that would be adopted to carry out the work are as follows: Standard Working Hours Monday – Sunday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Due to the high volumes of traffic during the snow season, construction activities would cease throughout winter 2018 between the June and October long weekends.

What happens next?
Following the submissions period, Roads and Maritime will collate submissions with acknowledgement letters sent to each respondent. The details of submission authors will be retained and authors will be subsequently advised when project information is released. After consideration of community comments Roads and Maritime will determine whether the proposal should proceed as proposed, or whether any alterations to the proposal are necessary.
The community will be kept informed about the determination and project as it progresses. Following approval to proceed, Roads and Maritime will progress with final design and construction of the project.

If you have any queries, please contact the Roads and Maritime project manager on
1800 771 546.

The section of road from Barry Way to Alpine Way turnoff.

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