Snow Saviour

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By Steve Cuff

After a snowy Wednesday that saw heavy falls and blizzard conditions at times at both Perisher and Thredbo, the sun came out today and we could finally see what the “new” mountain looked like.
It certainly was good to see a white layer across the mountains, even if it was really above the 1600m level and particularly after a slower than expected start with natural snow.
About 15-20cm has fallen and where wind has blown in some areas, it was a bit deeper. These areas will be good for any follow up snow with all the main weather forecasters calling for about 5-15cm up until next Monday in NSW.
The snow depth is now officially at 43.6cm, which is really just a guide of how the season is fairing as it is taken at Spencers Creek at about 1830m.

Between Towers and International T-bar at Perisher. Perisher Photos Steve Cuff

That said, there was some good skiing today at both Thredbo and Perisher where the fresh snow had fallen, and it really refreshed the top layer and helped the manmade base underneath. Most of the off piste is still a bit “iffy” to ski, but it won’t take much more to get some more terrain open. There were a few good pockets but you need to know where to find them and remember there was no off piste only last week.
What this snowfall has done is really consolidate the existing runs that are open, and it certainly is better skiing with white stuff around you as opposed to the snowmaking strips.
Thredbo did not get snow to the village but you can easily see by the snow cams that the Supertrail and Friday Flat are still in good shape. A few keen people who looked for fresh snow did find some great powder up high, although they would have walked a bit to find them. But if you are that keen you deserve to be rewarded.
Thredbo have now opened the cat track from High Noon to Supertrail, so this is always a good sign of where they are situated.

Skiers at Thredbo found the goods after a hike.

At Perisher the skiing was good on all the open runs, and Towers on Mt P was popular and good cover. Skiers right towards International was also decent in the very top section especially after it had been skied a bit, and you could find nice quality snow. Goats Gully was very nice and Front Valley is in really good shape.
There looked to be snow cat activity on the Excelerator web cam today, so that is a good sign for the Ridge Chair, but Blue Cow has Zalis and the lower roller coaster open, as well as Early Starter and the ropes tows for the beginners.

All resorts are still busy with school holidays and will be again next week.
There is more snow forecast and cold nights ahead for the next week look promising for the snowmakers to continue their great efforts this season.
This recent snow has given the season the boost it really needed and we can never have enough snow… can we..? So don’t give up the snow dance just yet…

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