Perisher To Open Snow Season

17 0529 snowmaking tower

Perisher’s Front Valley looking good after the recent snowfall.

Perisher resort will once again be the first resort in Australia to open for skiing and snowboarding after announcing this afternoon they will have their Front Valley slope open this coming weekend.
The Village Eight chair and ski carpet will open allowing skiing and snowboarding on the popular slope.
Snowy Mountains Magazine’s cover photo for June showed Perisher snowmaking staff making snow in early May. The recent 20cm of fresh snow that has fallen this week, combined with the existing snowmaking snow has allowed Perisher to open a week earlier.
Front Valley snowmaking in action. Photos: Courtesy of Perisher

This weekend expect to see the Perisher faithful descend on the resort, and for the lucky people who can also ski next week the slopes will be far less busy.
Perisher, owned by Vail Resorts have sold 70% more season passes since Vail have taken over the resort the past two years. Each of these pass holders who have the chance to visit the mountains this weekend will welcome the chance to gain even more value for their Epic Australia Pass.
For snow enthusiasts who do not yet have a season pass, they should purchase before the June long weekend as the discounted season pass ends on June 12.

The mountains can expect more fresh snow on Tuesday 30 June and another front is expected to pass through prior to the long weekend. With many more cold nights ahead allowing for more snowmaking activity, this all ensures a healthy start to the season.
This early snow and even better early opening will see the Peak Festival event on the long weekend get a huge boost. This festival is ideal to combine skiing or snowboarding with some great music from 35 artists over 120 performances across the resort.

The music festival will headline a great cast of performers, so bring your skis, snowboard and party shoes for June 9-12, but if you arrive a week early, WINTER 2017 will be open from this weekend……………….

A snowplough clears the road at Perisher May 29.
See the music at the Perisher Peak Festival.

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